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As the President of Generational Equity, one of the leading mergers and acquisition firms in North America, it's my role to provide leadership, strategic direction and oversight. I also serve the Lord as a pastor at Create Church in Richardson, Texas.

Are You Prepared for an Unsolicited Offer to Buy Your Business?

Have you ever received an offer from out of the blue to buy your business?

According to research conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market, it would not be surprising. Their study into M&A activity revealed that 45 percent of all sales are opportunistic, meaning they had come as a result of an unanticipated […]

5 Signs Private Equity Investors Can’t Get Enough of the U.S. Middle Market

It is clear to Ryan Binkley and his associates at Generational Equity that private equity investors still have the U.S. middle market firmly in their sights.

As results are published for the first half of 2018, emerging statistics and industry reports are showing that demand appears to be growing substantially. The rising level of interest from […]

How to Overcome the Biggest Concerns of Middle Market M&A

As has been the case for a while now, the latest quarterly Middle Market Indicator from the National Center for the Middle Market was a positive read for Ryan Binkley and middle market business owners.

The Q2 report included several encouraging factors for the middle market, and precursors to future M&A activity in this exceptional seller’s […]

Generational Equity: Nurturing the Next Leaders in M&A

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”
Christine Gregoire

For Ryan Binkley, thoughts of the future are never far from his mind. It is important not to dwell on the past, and instead use the present to make the next day better for you, your loved ones and your business.

That’s why thoughts of the […]

700 Deals Later… How Generational Equity Reached Another M&A Milestone

“Our goal is to serve our clients by helping them both define and realize the life they want for themselves and their loved ones. It is a real honor and privilege to work with entrepreneurs to reach their financial and personal dreams.”

Ryan Binkley

For Ryan Binkley and the entire team at Generational Equity, the last few […]