“Our goal is to serve our clients by helping them both define and realize the life they want for themselves and their loved ones. It is a real honor and privilege to work with entrepreneurs to reach their financial and personal dreams.”

Ryan Binkley

For Ryan Binkley and the entire team at Generational Equity, the last few years have been memorable for a lot of reasons. But beyond any accolades and recognitions, the firm’s priority remains to make a positive difference to the future of business owners, their companies and their families.

An Unrivaled Milestone in M&A

It was therefore extremely rewarding for Generational Equity to recently close their 700th deal, a level of transactions that is unrivaled among middle market M&A advisory firms in the U.S.

If it doesn’t seem like a long time since Generational Equity was announcing its 600th transaction, that’s because it isn’t. As Ryan discussed in a previous blog post, strong levels of M&A activity among middle market businesses in the U.S. over the last few months, along with an experienced team using a proven method, played a role in helping Generational Equity to achieve 100 more transactions in a relatively short span of time.

M&A Market Primed for Seller Success 

Sellers are currently enjoying a boom in U.S. middle market M&A transactions. Generational Equity’s professionals recognize this is one of the strongest seller’s markets in decades and buyers are more willing to pay a premium for a well-run business. Buyers competing for prime businesses are forcing up prices and it is resulting in some great deals for sellers.

With regards to why the current market conditions are so conducive to business sellers, Ryan Binkley identifies a number of contributing factors, including continued confidence among private equity firms and positive investor reaction to M&A – buoyed by favorable macro-economic conditions. And while interest rates are creeping up, they remain at historically low levels, keeping down the cost of debt to finance deals.

This market has been fantastic for business owners ready to exit – and through working with them, Generational Equity has been able to achieve this unrivaled track record of 700 transactions.

But behind those 700 transactions are 700 stories of business owners that chose Generational Equity to help them secure their personal futures and their business legacies. It is these stories that are foremost in Ryan’s mind as he celebrates this momentous milestone.

A Great Honor for Generational Equity

While favorable market conditions have been a blessing, Ryan feels an enormous amount of gratitude for all of those 700 business owners who decided that Generational Equity was the company that they could trust to help with what could be their greatest financial decision. The responsibility of securing the optimal deal for exiting business owners is a duty Generational Equity undertakes with the utmost seriousness.

For business owners, their company often represents their life’s work and their most valuable asset. It’s a formidable undertaking to secure the financial legacy of an owner and their family, and a great honor that so many have entrusted their futures to Generational Equity.

Generational Equity: Placing Business Owners at the Center

Ryan Binkley feels this trust stems from the core values that he introduced to ensure that Generational Equity’s focus stays on its clients.

Generational Equity’s core values are all about placing the business owner at the center and putting every last ounce of effort into achieving the very best outcome on their behalf.

The Generational Equity website runs through the company’s core values in some detail – and they are more than just flashy slogans. They are a set of beliefs that go to the very heart of why Generational Equity’s dealmakers do what they do.

How Generational Equity’s Core Values Bear Fruit

The fact that the firm is celebrating its 700th completed transaction demonstrates the successes that Generational Equity’s approach has brought over the past decade, and Ryan Binkley feels that the recognition the firm has received in the shape of industry awards over the last year is a testament to the company’s values and the expertise of its professionals. In 2017 alone, The M&A Advisor awarded Generational Equity with:

  • Investment Banking Firm of the Year
  • Corporate Strategic Deal of the Year
  • Utilities Deal of the Year
  • Consumer Staples Deal of the Year

…while Thomson Reuters recognized Generational Equity as 2017’s:

  • #1 by Number of Completed Transactions up to $10M
  • #1 by Number of Completed Transactions up to $25M
  • #2 by Number of Completed Transactions up to $50M
  • #2 by Number of Completed Transactions up to $100M

The Future…

With Generational Equity’s strong customer focus and track record, Ryan sees no reason why they should not be able to carry this success into the future. While the strong seller’s market will not hold forever, M&A activity shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

And regardless of what occurs in the wider economy, Generational Equity will always live by its core values, so they will always remain the smartest choice for sellers looking to hire an M&A firm that goes to the greatest lengths to get business owners the best deal.

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